7 Steps to Make Your Book #Permafree on Amazon

Right, I should have written this quick post months ago, but following a few queries as to how I managed to get Bite No.1: The Old Man at the End of the World permanently free on Amazon, I thought it was time to jot the process down.
After reading countless forums and continually trying the Smashwords price match method (publishing ‘permanently free’ on Smashwords and then constantly clicking, and asking others to click, Tell us about a lower price on Amazon) I became a bit… frustrated. I’m not a very patient person.
 Tell us about a lower price
Also, it was taking weeks for Smashwords to accept Bite No.1 into their Premium Catalogue, which meant that it wasn’t published with B&N and Apple – two platforms I wanted it to be available on. Weeks was too much for me. Did I tell you I’m not a very patient person?
So, here is what I did…
1. I pulled Bite No.1 from Smashwords
2. I set up an account with Draft2Digital.com and listed Bite No.1 with B&N, Apple and Kobo
3. Twenty-four hours later Bite No.1 was listed on B&N for free.
4. I emailed KDP helpdesk with a link to the B&N free listing (on the KDP platform click Help>Contact Us. Click on Book Details>Pricing Your Book).Help contact KDP
contact us
pricing your book
5. I filled in the form as below
 Could you please price match my book Bite No.1: The Old Man at the End of the World (ASIN: B06WVDWDH6) to the price now available at Apple/B&N/Kobo of Free?
Kind regards,
AK Silversmith
6. A chap emailed back noting that Amazon retain all the rights to pricing etc and they would look into it over the next three days or so. It all looked very automated and I wasn’t filled with confidence.
7. However, I emailed straight back saying thank you – it turns out you really are dealing with real people at this stage. I think this may have been the clincher. He went ahead and price matched the book on all Amazon sites immediately.
And, voila! Bite No.1: The Old Man at the End of the World has been permafree for two months. During that time I have re-uploaded the manuscript, changed the categories and fiddled with the keywords. The permafree status has held.
A couple of things I should finish with.
  • Firstly, you cannot use this method if you are part of the KDP Select programme as you must be exclusive to Amazon with that particular book. However, let’s say you have published a series with KDP select you can pull the first book of the series out of the programme (once your 90-day enrollment has lapsed) and list it free on Draft2Digital then follow the method above.
  • Secondly, I offer no guarantee this will work! But I will say that it has worked for me and several other authors who have been trying to get their books permafree for months.
  • Thirdly, you’d be best off having at least a couple of books out if you are going permafree on one – I can speak from experience! Obviously it’s… erm… obvious. But I like giving Bite No.1 away and am getting a tonne of emails asking for the second one. So that’s a bonus nevertheless.
  • Finally, good luck and I wish you all the next bestseller!

4 thoughts on “7 Steps to Make Your Book #Permafree on Amazon

  1. I appreciate you helping me with this when I questioned how you did it a while ago and I’m glad you’ve got the post up. I’m sure others will find it useful and it will save you having to keep repeating yourself to those who ask in the future. 😀

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    • Thanks G! Well, for my part, I was pretty delighted as The Joker became permafree, so I grabbed myself a copy, which threw me into the path of The Grayson Trilogy :).

      It’s been good fun to get some writing out there for free – although not good business sense. When Bite No,2 is out, the next experiments will begin with KDP Select.

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      • And that is completely the point of giving away a freebie 🙂 you provided my perfect outcome! Thank you! The Joker is doing a good job but I also make full use of the free days under KDP Select to give away A SIngle Step for 5 days every quarter. This strategy has been the turning point in the visibility of and popularity of my books. Of course it does work best when you have more than one book out there… ahem… but until Bite No.2 comes along at least you are building your readers/followers etc. and interest in your writing generally. 😀

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